Loans for Unemployed: All You Need to Know

Many of us go through tough spots in our life were finding a job can be difficult. This is especially true when we do contract work. Many of us will find a job eventually, with the right amount of effort put into the search, but what are we supposed to do until then? Have you considered getting loans that were designed to help the unemployed? When you choose this option, it could save you from living under a bridge.

When we are out of work for a few weeks, or maybe only a couple months, getting a loan is a much better idea then filing for unemployment. Once we have work again, we’ll be able to pay the helpful loan off slowly. Of course, how fast you are forced to pay off the loans going to depend on your living expenses and your income. The amount will be realistic and customized towards you.

A lot of people feel more comfortable borrowing money then having the government provide for them. They feel a lot better about the situation when they aren’t taking the hard earned wages away from tax payers. There’s a moral reason why getting a loan is a better option then filing for unemployment.

They’re people who might not want to use a food stamp card because they feel embarrassed. They might even go to a grocery store across town just so none of their friends see. When you have an unemployment loan, instead of a food stamp card, you pay just as if it were your own money. Plus, you’re not living off the government.

loans for unemployed

Loans for unemployed people aren’t just for those of us that would like to avoid filing for unemployment. Many of us find that our unemployment check simply isn’t enough. Maybe there’s a special reason why you need the money? Are your kids starting school? They might need new clothes. Buying these can be an issue when you’re living check to check with an unemployment check.

Many people who are not unemployed, but may have bad credit, will find that this is an easier loan to get then some other options. Of course, a loan that caters to the unemployed would be quite a bit easier then one that caters to someone looking to get financing for a Mustang.

If you have bad credit, then you’ll probably have to look into bad credit loans from Loan Finder Tool or some other reliable provider.

You will need to pay off the loan eventually. Taking out a loan while unemployed isn’t a good idea if you are not seeing a foreseeable job in the future. Some of these loans will not have you pay them back until you have found a new job, while others might.

I hope you find the best money option for you. When it comes down to it, the amount of money you’ll need during your unemployment will most likely depend on the amount of dependents you have. Make sure you take out a responsible amount. Also, please remember to use the money wisely. I wish you luck in your job search!

Looking for something more long-term like a 12-month loan? Go here to learn more.

Save Marketing Money With These SEO Tactics

This year, how can you kick-start your SEO strategies? 2014 has been a wild ride for many internet marketers, not to mention that Google released numerous updates that hit even the biggest websites such as Amazon.

Regardless if you have a new site, a business owner whose page got hit by Google or someone who wanted to maintain their rankings, here are some strategies that you may want to consider to help you keep on top of search engines.

Assess Your Site

Do a technical assessment. What are the things that you did on your website? The chances are; there may be some errors found on your websites, so it pays to run through all the pages that you handle. You may use screaming frog to identify all of these existing errors which may include, but not limited to duplicate URLs, redirects or any other error that might hurt your rankings.

You may also want to go through your Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to identify possible errors that your website(s) may have.

What Are The Sources That Increased Your SERPs?

What are the pages that improved your SERPs? What are the different strategies that helped you improve your SERPs? These are just some of the things that you may want to do once more – if some of these sources helped your SEO efforts, it might still work for the year 2015.

Look For Editorial Opportunities

We all know how important content is in every web page. Check for different editorial opportunities and take advantage of these. If you’ve been part of some mailing lists, you may also have received a bunch of emails for training, webinars and everything of similar nature. Take advantage of these as you might learn something new that you can apply to your existing SEO strategies. If these are too complicated for you then I would try to find a charleston seo company or an seo company in your area.

Update And Clean Up Business Listings

We all know that local business listings and citations play a significant role when it comes to SEO. If you’ve done some of these listings in the previous year, go back to them and clean them up. You may want to make sure that your URL is correct, phone number and other essential information.

All the details should match up to what your site has, not to mention that everyone should be able to get to you regardless of the source.

These 4 tactics all play an important role in re-building your SEO strategies for the year 2015. Sit down and take the time to analyze. You wouldn’t want to get left behind when it comes to your rankings, do you?

The Pros And Cons Financially Of Ethanol Fireplaces

Most of us love a fireplace, enjoying the ambiance and the fact it instills a certain romance, invoking thoughts of yesteryear, allowing us to feel we’re that much closer to nature. However the truth of the matter is somewhat different, and in recent years (as a society) we’ve become more environmentally conscious. And while trees are a renewable energy source, they often take a full generation or more to for re-growth. An ethanol fireplace, can invoke many of the same sensations, however it is a renewable energy source they can actually save you money, protect the environment, and renews itself on a yarly basis.

While a log fireplace, or wood-burning stove, dates to our grandparent’s time, having been used efficiently for generations to heat homes worldwide, the constant logging of trees has caused many areas to be stripped bare of their renewable resources. Ethanol fireplaces can warm a room, provide the memorable experience of gathering around a fire, but it can be done without engaging the guilt of knowing our pleasure could be hurting the planet.

Additionally, a wood burning fireplace needs fairly constant attention, keeping it clean, adding more wood, carting off ashes, and no matter how tightly shut the hamper, there always seems to be smoke getting into the room. This is annoying to everyone and it could be a health hazard to those with allergies. Add in the fact ashes must be continually dealt with, wood must be bought or cut, the chimney cleaned (at a minimum once a year), and a wood burning fireplace, may lose some of its romance. And while much of this could be relegated to a “chimney sweep”, few want to spend the additional money to hire a professional, if one could even be found in today’s high tech world.

There are of course solutions, one is too simply to get rid of the chimney, but wouldn’t that mean eliminating the fireplace? Not at all, chimneyless fireplaces are used on a regular basis, providing all the romance of an old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace, but without the mess or environmental concerns. While it might be hard to believe, an ethanol burning fire gives off no fumes, only a small amount of steam/water vapor (it does produce carbon dioxide, as does any flame). This means an ethanol burning fireplace can allow you to have the best of both worlds.


While it’s certainly possible to purchase a new chimney free fireplace, it’s also possible to upgrade your existing one in order to be more environmentally conscious and to utilize money saving alternatives. One option is to install a gas burning fireplace insert, which effectively looks and feels like a regular fireplace, but is fueled not by wood, but propane normally buried underground or hidden on the property. There is also the option of using natural gas, though you’ll need to hire a professional to install it, as well as pay monthly on your utility bill for gas usage.

A much better option for both pocketbook and the environment is the ethanol fireplace. Ethanol is currently used in car fuels, has a low environmental impact, and ethanol fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. Based on the increased demand, it should prove a simple matter to find a reputable dealer in your local area.

An ethanol fireplace, as you would expect, burns ethanol which is derived from plants. While you may or may not be familiar with the particulars, they are becoming very popular based on their money saving fuel usage, heating efficiency and ease of use as compared to traditional fireplaces. That said, there’s no need to purchase an ethanol burning fireplace based on trends, this should only be done only if you can see evidence of the cost savings and heating efficiency. I’m happy to report that ethanol burning fireplaces have proven to have a positive cost–benefit ratio, the facts below should help answer many of your questions


Ethanol has proved effective as a heating fuel, it is easy to find, affordable to use, and can be purchased in bulk if desired. To utilize a wood-burning fireplace for one winter, you would need approximately 1 ton of wood, and while the price varies depending on location, it can be quite expensive. Utilizing an ethanol burning fireplace approximately 3 hours a day, five days a week, for four months (the average winter) would cost about half that amount (dependent on burner capacity, flap settings, and outside temperatures).


One of the primary reasons an ethanol fireplace is effective is because it’s chimneyless. This means two things…

One, there is no need to construct a chimney if you don’t already have one.

And two, there is no heat lost up the chimney as in a wood-burning fireplace or stove.

Often people think they might need to purchase multiple ethanol fireplaces to heat a large room; however this usually not the case. Many report being able to easily heat large rooms with only a single ethanol burning fireplace based on their efficientcy.


Another important consideration is the fact ethanol burning fireplaces do not need venting. This is based on the fact they do not produce smoke, making them an excellent choice for people with allergies, or who may wish to avoid a smoky environment.


Another money-saving feature is the fact that in most cases, you can take it with you when/if you move. This based on the fact that an ethanol burning fireplace does not require a chimney, there is nothing to deconstruct if a move is required.

Facts concerning Ethanol Burning Fireplaces

The burning process of ethanol does not produce any harmful scent, unlike natural gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

There is no smoke, making an ethanol burning fireplace an excellent choice for anyone suffering from allergies.

Since no wood one is burned, no ash is created and no cleanup is necessary, only minor maintenance.

Should the need arise to move from one room to another, or from one home to another, this can easily be done since there is no chimney or pipes connected to the wall
Ethanol burning fireplaces are manufactured for ease of use, simply fill the tank and light the fire.

Bioethanol is a extremely clean burning, safe and environmentally friendly. Burners are certified to strict safety regulations, and in most cases are equipped with a glass wall for additional protection.

Ethanol burning fireplaces, unlike those attached to natural gas lines, are not prone to leakage, meaning the potential for harmful fumes is eliminated.

Ethanol burning fireplaces can be easily adjusted by changing the position of a single flap.
Place them exactly where needed, since there is no need to attach to a wall or chimney.

Based on comparison costs, running an ethanol burning fireplace, is extremely economical.

It is no longer a question on whether or not an ethanol burning fireplace is cost effective, simply if it is the right choice for you.

Quick Money Saving Tip: Rent Instead of Buying Your Luggage

Regardless of how you travel, luggage can be an big expense and a chore to store between trips. They’re expensive to purchase, and you rarely get more than a few uses out of each bag before they deteriorate or go into storage indefinitely. Many people wind up purchasing new travel bags before each trip, which can tack on over a thousand dollars in expenses if you purchase top-of-the-line luggage. For those who can’t afford to spend an extra thousand dollars on a family vacation, the only alternative is knock-off luggage that won’t protect your clothes or personal items properly.

Even if you can afford to purchase high-quality luggage for your trip, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have room to store the bags when you get home. The bags will probably take up too much space in a closet, so the luggage will probably wind up in a dingy basement or garage until they’re needed again. When you finally need the bags again, they’ll be so full of mildew that they’ll probably be unusable. Travelers in Europe and Asia have long enjoyed the convenience of renting luggage, mostly because most people live in small apartments with no room to store bulky luggage. Renting luggage has become as big an industry in Europe as renting cars is in America, I know I wouldn’t want to buy a rooftop car carrier just for one trip a year!


Many people in North America have started renting luggage, instead of purchasing new bags, for a variety of reasons. Renting a set of high-quality travel bags will cost only a fraction of the cost of brand new suitcases, and you won’t have to worry about storing the bags after you’ve returned from your trip. Most companies will send the bag right to your doorstep, and offer free shipping, so you don’t have to pay extra for packaging your bags. In most cases, you can return the luggage in the same box that it was shipped in. This will also save you money on shipping expenses, and you won’t have to spend another cent on constructing a box yourself.

When you go on vacation, the last thing you should be spending any extra money on is luggage. Even if you’re renting luggage for a long period of time, there’s a good chance that it will still cost a lot less than buying travel bags at full retail prices. Now you can use the money you saved on luggage to pay for other expenses or treat yourself while on vacation.

How to Save Money When Building Your First Website

The construction of a brand-new website can sometimes be a difficult task. It depends upon how many products you would like to upload and sell from your e-commerce store. The complexity involved with some websites can sometimes be beyond the range of what most people are able to do on their own. Unless they have a background in website construction, as well as purchasing domains and web hosting, they may become very overwhelmed by all of the steps that need to be taken. Even worse, if they are operating on a very limited budget, creating a fully functional and professional website can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can cut corners, create a beautiful website that is professional, and start to make sales as a result of your efforts. Whether you decide to use a professional company to design your website for you, or if you want to try this on your own, here are five tips that you can use in order to save money the next time you decide to build a new website.

Reasons That We Build Websites Today

There are several reasons that people decide to build a website, even if they already have an existing one. Larger companies that market thousands of products typically only have one primary site that they use to generate their sales. However, many other people will decide to tackle a multitude of markets, offering different products on niche specific websites. Their goal is to create a literal army of niche websites that can rank for thousands of different keywords, allowing them to sell products on a residual basis.


Ways To Save Money When Building A New Website

If you are going to build an e-commerce web store that will target a multitude of different products, you can save money by simply creating one website and focusing all of your efforts on that one domain. You will only have to pay for the cost of the domain itself, the web host that you are using, and the cost of creating content, and uploading that content, so that consumers can find and purchase what you have to sell. You can see excellent examples of this strategy when looking at companies such as Costco, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart, stores that offer tens of thousands of different products all from one centralized location. However, if you would like to create more than one website, targeting specific products that you have created, or many products in different niches for which you are an affiliate, the following strategies will help you build these websites for very little money, and also maintain them even if you are on a limited budget.

Saving Money When Building Niche Websites

This is a very different strategy from offering a giant e-commerce store to consumers that can find you on the web. In general, large stores that generate millions of visitors every month are paying a considerable amount of money not only on paid advertising to generate visitors, but with SEO experts that are able to help them rank each and every page on their website. To bypass this expense of advertising, especially when creating very targeted niche websites, you need to use the following five tips which can dramatically limit your expenses.

Five Tips For Building Niche Websites Cheap

The five steps that you will need to take in order to build websites inexpensively are very simple to accomplish. In fact, once you are able to complete these steps one time, they will become much easier the next time that you make a niche website. There are only five things that you need to do in order to create a website or blog that will continually produce content that will get indexed on the search engines, promoting the products that you want to sell. First, you will need to purchase a domain from a domain registrar. You can save money doing this by using promo codes, many of which are available from GoDaddy. Second, you will have to have hosting for your website which you can actually get for free with popular companies like Host Gator or 1 and 1. Third, you will have to install WordPress, a blogging platform, which is 100% free. Fourth, you will need to get an FTP program such as FileZilla or CuteFTP so that you can upload larger files much more quickly. Finally, you will want to invest in a company or an individual that will be able to create your content for you. This can be very expensive, or you can do this yourself, usually in just a couple hours, using transcription software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Your overall cost the first month will be just a few dollars, especially if you already own Dragon NaturallySpeaking, or if you are very fast at typing. The main cost is always going to be the content that you need for your website, whereas everything else after the first month will run about five dollars per month.

hostgator coupon code

Where To Find Promo Codes For Hosting And Domains

The easiest way to find promo codes or coupons for the domains that you will purchase is to search on Google. The company that offers the best deals for new domains is GoDaddy. Due to the enormous size of this company, they are able to release hundreds of new promo codes every month. This allows you to get a brand-new domain, which would usually cost you between $10 and $20 each for as little as $.99. The cost of hosting is also waived the first month with most of the larger web hosting companies. Host Gator, GoDaddy and 1and1 other companies that always top the list in regard to offering the best discounts and promotional offers for the first month of web hosting. By simply doing a search on the web for “promo codes” or “hosting coupons”, you will be able to save as much as $20 your first month for every website that you create. Remembering that you can add unlimited domains to most of the web hosting packages that you get, your only cost after your initial purchase of web hosting is going to be for the domains. One of the best hosts is HostGator. Not only because the service is great, but because a Hostgator coupon code is very easy to find.

Once you are able to create a system for purchasing domains, adding them to your web host, and creating your content with your affiliate links to the products you want to sell, you can streamline this entire system for creating niche websites down to about two or three hours. You can also schedule the posts that you are going to make on each website, literally making each website hands-free ones you have written and added the content to each website that you create. These simple strategies for saving money on the creation of each new domain that you make will allow you to test a multitude of different markets, discovering which ones are the most profitable, and which ones are not. By only spending a couple dollars for each domain that you create, and using a few hours of your time, you will be able to create and test several domains every week to find out which niche is the most profitable. Hopefully these tips will allow you to enter into hundreds of different niches this year, many of which will allow you to earn passive income on the Internet that will continually grow.

How Bridging Loans Work And Their Advantages

If you’ve found a new home that meets all your criteria, it’s the home of your dreams, but you haven’t quite sold your old home yet, or maybe you have an offer that is contingent on the buyers selling their home first, you need what is called a bridging loan. Just like it sounds, this loan will bridge the gap between selling your old property and getting your new one, so that the sale goes smoothly. At first a bridging loan may appear to be expensive, but they can really save a lot of money and worry during the process. Let’s take a look at how these types of loans work and who they are best suited for.


Bridging loans were originally designed to help a buyer move into his new home while he still waiting for his old home to be sold. However, it is many times much more complicated than that, as usually there is an offer on the old home already that is contingent on the sale of another existing home first and when that sells the whole process cascades down, and you get a move into your new home. The problem arises when the home that you want to buy has other offers that have no problems and you’re afraid you’re going to lose the deal, that’s when you go and apply for a bridge loan which can last for 12 to 36 months and is based on the equity of your old home. Although 36 months sounds like a long time, sometimes the economy doesn’t cooperate as well as it should, so be aware of what’s going on and react accordingly.

What people don’t know about bridging loans is that they were once aimed at property developers or landlords that were buying and selling properties and needed to get started on the next project before the last project had completely closed. They could then use the bridge loan to get started on their next development while they’re waiting for their customers financing to get straightened out. More recently however, due to the financial crisis, many people had difficulty selling their old homes with lots of equity tied up, but they needed to move to a new location or new job. For these individuals the bridge loan was a perfect fit because they could get on with their life, take the new job, get their new house and not have to be in a state of panic over the sale of their old home. These types of loans are also quite handy for people buying houses at auction because they can use the money from their old home before it’s sold and save big money on a house at auction.

One of the biggest advantages of bridging loans is that many times the payments on them are delayed. When a normal loan is taken out, the payments begin almost immediately and continue until paid off. But not with these types of loans because you can usually wait several months to begin making payments and they’re very easy to qualify for because they’re based on the equity in your old home. Processing the loan is usually quite fast and easy, which can be advantageous when time is of the essence in finalizing the purchase of your new home. Sometimes all it takes is one person in a group of home buyers to get financing and a number of loans will cascade and close as the “subject to sale” provisions all get met. Many of these types of loans can be converted to regular mortgages at a later date, be sure and ask for this provision to be written into the loan if that is of interest to you.

bridging finance

While these types of loans sound perfect, they do have their disadvantages and one of them is that they are a little more expensive than a basic home equity loan. You will also have to qualify economically for the ability to pay for both loan payments, the old and the new at the same time, and that can be difficult. These loans usually carry a higher interest rate, plus you have to pay for escrow, origination fees, recording and title insurance as well as an appraisal to make it all go through correctly. It is usually best to have some kind of commitment from the buyer of your old home before taking out one of these loans so that you know how long you’re going to have to pay to mortgages for it to all work out. If for some reason your buyer backs out or can’t sell his home as planned, you need to have an immediate backup plan in the works.

When taking out a bridging loan it’s a good idea to know exactly what your exit plan is before going in. These loans are short-term and basically designed to give you the time between the closing of your old home and the purchase of your new home so that you don’t fall between the cracks. But, you need to stick to the plan and don’t get sidetracked, keep your focus on getting the old home sold and paid for so that you get the loan paid off as agreed. If you swerve from your plan and end up buying a new car with the extra money, you’ve basically defeated the purpose of the loan in the first place. Having a certain amount of self-discipline is important when dealing with large sums of money designated for specific purposes. It is also important to read the fine print on your loan to make sure you don’t miss step and end up losing your home.

Obviously a bridging loan can be an awesome benefit, for those who qualify, that are in a bind between the old home and a new home. However, as you can see they can be a little expensive, but they also serve a definite purpose in keeping the flow of property from being stagnated while everyone waits for their deals to close.

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Bridging Finance: Video

Hey guys,

Just wanted to prelude my next post with a video. I’m going to be talking about bridging finance and the many intricacies about this niche. I hope you enjoy this extremely informative video I found on youtube.